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Or at least, it is at the National Toy Hall of Fame , a real institution that honors the finest childhood playthings. Since , the Toy Hall of Fame has inducted toys that have met their strict criteria for admission. The toys need to have achieved icon status, be more than a passing fad, promote creativity and learning, or be innovative enough to have totally changed the toy game. The toys on this list range from Barbies to Super Soakers, with plenty of surprise in between. There are high-tech gizmos like the Nintendo Game Boy right alongside the most basic toy of all time — a simple wooden stick. Here are the 60 toys that have endured the test of time. Sure, she’s garnered a decent amount of criticism, but Barbie is perhaps the ultimate doll and a fashion icon. Barbie is a classic toy.

The Value of Antique Tonka Toys

Do you have difficulty identifying vintage Tonka trucks? Maybe you’ve had this experience. You find a super looking antique Tonka truck at your favorite antique store or flea market and the well intentioned person guarding your potential prize informs you that the vintage Tonka truck you are drooling over was definitely manufactured in , when you saw the exact same Tonka truck on the eBay auction website listed as a ?

And possibly more importantly, who’s wrong? Before you whoop out your trusty credit card or lay down those hard earned greenbacks, you need to know. It’s time for you to become a well informed Tonka truck enthusiast.

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The front clip was the same round fender design Tonka introduced in You could have any color you wanted as long as it was red. The grille and front bumper was a one piece plated steel design.

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I have an old Tonka that has managed to pick up a dent or two. I think GI Joe may have tried to park his Humvee a little to close, not sure. Anyway, can I use “bondo” to fill in the dents? Since your Tonka is just a scaled down version of a “full sized” model, similar repair techniques can be followed. I have used “plastic” to repair dents as part of the restoration process.

The stuff works as advertised.

Man Buys the Exact Same Toy Truck EVERY Christmas for Brother with Mental Disability

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Antique Toy Train Collecting…

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During the years that toy trains were produced, their design and motive power have changed dramatically. Moreover, toy trains did not initially run on tracks. It was only in that the German firm Marklin produced the first standardized sectional track for toy trains. Handmade live-steam locomotives were introduced in Europe after the mid th century.

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How to Tell the Age of a Tonka Truck

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The pocket for an accessory trailer was retained.

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Search inside Realpriceguides This website has some changes each day, if you have bookmarked any pages please refresh often. The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide. Real Price Guides Due to some value numbers being wrong the Matchbox section will have the link removed until such time as I can get the new values inserted.

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There is a small “by” in red letters just beneath the “Tonka Toys” wording. The three birds still fly in the sky however the sky is now white and the lower portion still has the waves of Lake Minnetonka, however the lake color is now gold. The “waves” of Lake Minnetonka still appear and “Mound, Minn. The registered trademark symbol again is moved above the “k” in Tonka.

The word “Tonka” comes from the Dakota-Sioux word meaning “great. In Tonka perfected the progressive die stamping method enabling them to manufacture over 10, trucks per day. By the mid ‘s Tonka increased their annual output to 8, , toys, which exceeded the combined output of the American automobile industry and Tonka became the largest builder of toy trucks in the world.

The Mighty Tonka Dump Truck introduced in , and still being produced today, became the most successful toy truck in history with over 25 million sold. At peak production, 1, employees produced , Tonka Toys per week. More than 12, tons of gauge automotive grade steel were used each year, which is enough to build 19, automobiles Tonka manufactured over 60 million toy tires each year.

Tonka Truck Restoration Part 1

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