Salacious claims of Anne Boleyn’s incest in Henry VIII documents placed online

Share this article Share Just 10 years ago, it seemed that Harry was destined to become yet another playboy prince but following two stints in Afghanistan and a series of well-publicised disasters, he has emerged as an empathetic figure who works hard, adores children and has his mother’s common touch. Prince Harry has always had a mischievous streak as this photo of him aged three demonstrates People’s prince: Harry has inherited his mother’s ability to connect with people, children in particular A passion project of Prince Harry’s, the games will bring more than wounded servicemen and women from 13 different countries to London to take part in a series of Paralympic style events. More than a year in the making, the prince has worked tirelessly to make the Invictus Games happen, despite having to juggle organisation with royal duties and an Antarctic trek to raise money for Help for Heroes. Now about to turn 30, there’s still time for Prince Harry to turn into one of the spares of old but so far, he has managed to carve out a satisfying role for himself that pleases the Royal Family and the public alike. But it wasn’t always so. Aged 18 and then arguably the most handsome of the Queen’s three sons, he joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman, enrolling on a helicopter training programme before going on to complete the formidably tough Royal Marine training course. Since leaving the Navy, Prince Andrew had had a trade role and is the patron of scores of charities Family: Prince Andrew, seen here with Prince Charles, served in the Navy during the Falklands War Despite protest from the Cabinet and commentators, the Queen insisted that Prince Andrew be allowed to do his job and during the battle to retake the British territory, he flew several sorties, before returning home with Invincible to be met by cheering, delighted crowds at Portsmouth.

Henry VIII’s mistresses: who else did the Tudor king sleep with?

Email to a friend February 12, at 9: From the colourful bodice-ripper series The Tudors —10 to the flickering candlelight of Wolf Hall , we are reminded of the old mantra we learned at school: We might also be forgiven for thinking that the king was so busy keeping up with the women to whom he was legally united that he had little time for any others. Two of them in particular are known to us:

The palace was created by Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester , Henry V’s half-brother and the regent to Henry VI in ; he enclosed the park and erected a tower on the hill now occupied by the Royal Observatory.

February 18, at 1: Eltham later fell into a period of decline and was poorly maintained. The palace enjoyed a glamorous new lease of life in the s when it was purchased by millionaire socialites Stephen and Virginia Courtauld. The Courtaulds decorated the house with their extensive art collection and built a stunning art deco domed entrance hall, perfect for hosting parties with visitors as diverse as Russian composer Stravinsky, actress and singer Gracie Fields and Conservative politician Rab Butler.

Another highlight was the map room, in which Stephen and Virginia planned their frequent travels. Elsewhere in the house, door reliefs were decorated with exotic images of animals and birds such as kangaroos and armadillos, drawn from life at London Zoo. Jungle murals covered the walls and a central heating system was specially installed to remind Mah-Jongg of his tropical home. To find out more about Eltham Palace, click here.

Kew Palace, Richmond upon Thames Built in as a country retreat for Flemish silk merchant Samuel Fortrey and his wife, Catherine, Kew Palace passed through the hands of several wealthy and well-known tenants in its early years, including the Lord Mayor of London in Thought by some historians to have been suffering from bipolar disorder or the hereditary blood disease porphyria, George suffered from outbreaks of mania.

During these spells of mental illness George was kept away from the public eye at Kew. He underwent brutal treatment including straight-jackets, leeching and emetics [medicines that induce vomiting] at the palace. To find out more about Kew Palace, click here. His son and successor, James V, oversaw further construction at Holyrood, which today covers 10 acres of land.

Salacious claims of Anne Boleyn’s incest in Henry VIII documents placed online

The uncanny threshold is a concept derived from my personal experience of contemporary Australian architecture in the form of Lovett Bay House, the private home of architects Richard Leplastrier and Karen Lambert in New South Wales. This research argues that Lovett Bay House challenges Malpas’s view that the threshold is something that needs to be crossed, as a zone of transition, in order to be a threshold.

At Lovett Bay House, the absence of a conventional door, and the effective removal of the front wall, shifts the concept of the threshold as space of transition from inside to outside or vice versa to the threshold as a zone of habitation — a space in which one dwells. Within the zone of habitation it is argued that everyday experiences are made extraordinary through the simultaneous and overlapping space of the extended entranceway; the inside and outside experienced as one, and, what I have termed, the uncanny threshold.

It is the aim of this research to explore the physical entity and felt experience of the uncanny threshold through the pictorial space of painting.

Meanwhile some MPs may argue laws are still being made without enough scrutiny.

Toponymy[ edit ] The place-name ‘Greenwich’ is first attested in a Saxon charter of , where it appears as Gronewic. The name means ‘green wic or settlement’ from the Latin ‘vicus’. However, Greenwich was divided into the registration subdistricts of Greenwich East and Greenwich West from the beginning of civil registration in , the boundary running down what is now Greenwich Church Street and Crooms Hill, although more modern references to “East” and “West” Greenwich probably refer to the areas east and west of the Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum corresponding with the West Greenwich council ward.

An article in The Times of 13 October stated: East Greenwich, gateway to the Blackwall Tunnel , remains solidly working class , the manpower for one eighth of London’s heavy industry. West Greenwich is a hybrid: Land outside the physical boundaries of England, as in America, was treated as belonging constructively to one of the existing royal manors, and from Tudor times grants frequently used the name of the manor of East Greenwich, [9] but some 17c.

Early settlement[ edit ] Tumuli to the south-west of Flamsteed House, [13] in Greenwich Park , are thought to be early Bronze Age barrows re-used by the Saxons in the 6th century as burial grounds. A small area of red paving tesserae protected by railings marks the spot. It was excavated in and coins were found dating from the emperors Claudius and Honorius to the 5th century.

This was excavated by the Channel 4 television programme Time Team in , broadcast in , [14] and further investigations were made by the same group in

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Share this article Share The country could also have become embroiled in religious turmoil as Elizabeth I was credited with religous settlement by founding the Church of England. The revelation has been unearthed by historian Elizabeth Norton who has re-examined royal records as part of an investigation into the life of Henry VIII’s famous mistress Bessie Blount.

Mrs Norton discovered Elizabeth Tailboy’s was not the daughter of Bessie’s future husband Gilbert Tailboys as previously thought, but the secret lovechild of the King. A picture of Henry VIII’s lock for his private apartments – he is said to have taken it everywhere and kept the key to himself Mrs Norton found Elizabeth was born between April and June , a year after her brother Henry, who was acknowledged as the King’s.

Both children were conceived during a period when Henry VIII lived a few miles away from Bessie’s home and when he was known to visit her regularly.

It is possible that the idea of the divorce had suggested itself to the king much earlier than this see Brown, “Venetian Calendars”, II, , and it is highly probable that it was motivated by the desire of male issue, of which he had been disappointed by the death in infancy of all Catherine’s children save Mary.

It was to his father’s forceful personality that he owed the resources by means of which he could maintain for himself the great and powerful position which Conrad had created. Of course this position was no longer an undisputed one, especially towards the end of his reign. On the contrary it became evident by that time that through his rule Germany had reached the critical turning-point in her history.

The key to the domestic and foreign policy of this emperor can be found altogether in his character. Henry was extraordinarily gifted, having a quick intellect and many-sided interests. Consequently he rapidly mastered the problems of administration and government into which his father had him initiated; but with equal rapidity he acquired the literary and artistic culture of his time which his episcopal tutors imparted to him. His profound piety and the serious, austere bent of his nature were still more important factors in his character.

Putting the garment of the penitent on the same plane as the regalia of the king, he lived and moved altogether according to the Christian view of life. The Christian moral law regulated his actions. In this conception of life his stern sense of duty had its roots, and to this sense of duty was added a stubborn self-reliance.

Theresa May launches humiliating Brexit climbdown over plans to seize ‘Henry VIII’ powers

Liberties are taken with character names, relationships, historical costume, physical appearance and the timing of events. And we wanted people to watch it. In reality, Catherine of Aragon who was not dark-haired at all, but had auburn hair and fair skin, much like her daughter Mary , was only six years his elder, and he was approximately a decade older than Anne Boleyn. The matter of Henry falling enough in love with Anne to seek an annulment, ultimately severing from the Catholic Church, setting aside Catherine and marrying Anne took another seven years to resolve, culminating in Anne’s coronation in In the series, the timeline from introduction to marriage seems to take little more than a year.

Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, his second and fifth wives, perished on the scaffold, but their whilom lord only paraded his indifference regarding the fate to which he had condemned them.

Share King of England, born 28 June, ; died 28 January, He was the second son and third child of his father, Henry VII. His elder brother Arthur died in April, , and consequently Henry became heir to the throne when he was not yet quite eleven years old. It has been asserted that Henry’s interest in theological questions was due to the bias of his early education, since he had at first been destined by his father for the Church.

But a child of eleven can hardly have formed lifelong intellectual tastes, and it is certain that secular titles, such as those of Earl Marshal and Viceroy of Ireland, were heaped upon him when he was five. On the other hand there can be no question as to the boy’s great precocity and as to the liberal scope of the studies which he was made to pursue from his earliest years. After Arthur’s death a project was at once formed of marrying him to his brother’s widow, Catherine of Aragon, who, being born in December, , was more than five years his senior.

The negotiations for a papal dispensation took some little time, and the Spanish Queen Isabella , the mother of Catherine, then nearing her end, grew very impatient. Hence a hastily drafted Brief containing the required dispensation was privately sent to Spain in , to be followed some months later by a Bull to the same effect which was of a more public character. The existence of these two instruments afterwards caused complications.

Britain’s 10 best palaces

After the accident — just before he became estranged from the second of his six wives, Anne Boleyn — the king, once sporty and generous, became cruel, vicious and paranoid, his subjects began talking about him in a new way, and the turnover of his wives speeded up. The accident occurred at a tournament at Greenwich Palace on 24 January when year-old Henry, in full armour, was thrown from his horse, itself armoured, which then fell on top of him.

He was unconscious for two hours and was thought at first to have been fatally injured. But, although he recovered, the incident, which ended his jousting career, aggravated serious leg problems which plagued him for the rest of his life, and may well have caused an undetected brain injury which profoundly affected his personality, according to the History Channel documentary Inside the Body of Henry VIII.

To find out more about Kensington Palace, click here.

See Article History Alternative Titles: Her unwise marital and political actions provoked rebellion among the Scottish nobles, forcing her to flee to England , where she was eventually beheaded as a Roman Catholic threat to the English throne. The death of her father six days after her birth left Mary as queen of Scotland in her own right.

Her mother saw to it that Mary was sent to France at age five. French now became her first language, and indeed in every other way Mary grew into a Frenchwoman rather than a Scot. By her remarkable beauty, with her tall, slender figure she was about 5 feet 11 inches , her red-gold hair and amber-coloured eyes, and her taste for music and poetry, Mary summed up the contemporary ideal of the Renaissance princess at the time of her marriage to Francis , eldest son of Henry and Catherine, in April Although it was a political match aimed at the union of France and Scotland, Mary was sincerely fond of her boy husband, though the marriage was probably never consummated.

The accession of Elizabeth Tudor to the throne of England in November meant that Mary was, by virtue of her Tudor blood, next in line to the English throne. She refused to acknowledge Mary as her heiress, however much Mary, nothing if not royal by temperament, prized her English rights. While Mary herself was a Roman Catholic, the official religion of Scotland had been reformed to Protestantism in her absence, and she thus represented to many, including the leading Calvinist preacher John Knox , a foreign queen of an alien religion.

Most difficult of all were the Scottish nobles; factious and turbulent after a series of royal minorities, they cared more for private feuds and self-aggrandizement than support of the crown. Nevertheless, for the first years of her rule, Mary managed well, with the aid of her natural half-brother James, earl of Moray , and helped in particular by her policy of religious tolerance. Nor were all the Scots averse to the spectacle of a pretty young queen creating a graceful court life and enjoying her progresses round the country.

Mary, Queen of Scots, engraving,

Henry VIII

Today, the government caved in an accepted its demands. Affirmative powers must be debated by MPs before they become law – yet negative powers become law before MPs get to look at them. The government had planned for most powers relating to EU law to be ‘negative’.

At the beginning of his reign it looked as if the imperial authority were still increasing.

The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant

Within the zone of habitation it is argued that everyday experiences are made extraordinary through the simultaneous and overlapping space of the extended entranceway; the inside and outside experienced as one, and, what I have termed, the uncanny threshold.

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If Henry did not sleep with Anne until , Tudor medicine would have advised him not to remain completely celibate, as this would have been thought to imperil his health.

Archae-Facts: Henry VIII Vs. Online Dating?

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