Most of us musicians just want to play music. But, this is the price we pay for playing electric instruments. Though instrument cables used between your bass and amp input look similar, they are not. Speaker cables are thicker. Gauge numbers can be confusing. The thicker the cable, the lower the number. A load is something that uses power to do something. A load could be a motor, a light bulb, a speaker, a group of speakers in a bass cabinet, or several bass cabinets together.

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Most receivers have either preamp-in and preamp-out connections or tape monitor connections. In most cases, these are the best way to connect an equalizer to your stereo. Connecting to the tape monitor channels will require connection to only your receiver. Learn how to hook up an equalizer to the receiver instead. To run a signal from your stereo receiver to the equalizer and then to your amplifier, you will need 2 sets of RCA cable the same kind that is usually used to connect source components like turntables and CD players.

I like to use commercial grill cloth because it is cheap and easy to use.

Here is what I recommend. This measure assumes a reasonable ambient air temperature typically c , that the heat sinks are black anodized, have free air circulation not using a fan and given plenty of breathing room-usually 8 inches on all sides and don’t sit directly on the floor , and that the fins of the heat sink are oriented vertically. Be aware, though, that different vendors will have different assumptions when measuring and quoting the thermal dissipation of their heat sinks – sometimes you cannot reliably trust the figures.

To get an idea of what you need, follow these steps: Divide 25c max thermal rise that you want by the quiescent power consumption of your amp per channel for building monoblocks or for 2 channels together if building a stereo chassis, keep in mind this is the wattage dissipation, NOT output wattage – they are very different specifications.

This de-rating takes into account all of the inefficiencies of mounting your output transistors to the heat sink and the less than favorable conditions that you are likely to create in building your amp even if you follow the advice above trust me, no matter what you do, it won’t be ideal.

DC Thermal 12 Volt Ducted Heater – Direct Hook-Up – 50 Amps, 600 Watts – 10,020 BTU

The tech world has finally coalesced around a charging standard, after years of proprietary adapters and ugly wall-wart power supplies. Ten to 15 years ago, you always had to make sure you had the correct power supply for each of your gadgets. Not all USB chargers, connectors, and cables are born equal. Sometimes, one USB socket on a laptop is seemingly more powerful than the other.

In almost every case, your PC is the host, and your smartphone, tablet, or camera is the device.

What does a retired year-old in New Mexico have in common with a young custom chopper designer in San Diego?

It shows on the picture by the two AC outputs 7 and 8. I cannot find a download for the manual so I cannot confirm that both of these AC outputs are milliamps but this is what it looks like from the data on their website. Will this damage the unit? The amp comes with FX loop but currently my new setup is running everything upfront. I only want to gate my drive pedals and vibe.

The pedals in use are as below: You want to set up a loop with the G String as follows: The output will drive your Strymon and Dyna Verb without any truncation of the delay or reverb and the output of these effects will feed the input of your amplifier. And to switch between just distortion to just preamp, do I have to hit two buttons or does turning off distortion automatically engage preamp?

The Distortion channel and a Preamp channel.


You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have. Speakers are like ice cream; we all have our favorite taste. Some like strawberry while others like chocolate. What someone finds harsh can be beautiful sparkle to others. Speakers can have different frequency response depending on materials and construction design, like cone shape, magnet weight and coil size. New speakers will therefore sound different from vintage speakers.

The amp has a distinct bright Fenderish tone that will require a fair amount of rolling down the treble and increasing the bass.

Electric fluid “Charge-stuff” Why are Amperes confusing? Suppose that we had no name for “water,” and yet our teachers wanted us to learn all about the mysterious flow inside metal plumbing pipes? Suppose we were required to understand “gallons-per-second,” but we had to do this without knowing anything about water, or about gallons? If we’d never learned the word “gallon”, and if we had no idea that water even existed, how could we hope to understand “flow? We might even decide that “current” was an abstract concept.

Or we might decide that invisible wetness was moving along through the pipes. Or, we could just give up on trying to understand plumbing at all. Instead we could concentrate on the math, memorize equations. Do extremely well on any physics test, but we wouldn’t end up with any gut-level understanding.

A tale of two welders

Wow is there a difference! I have read some other reviews who complain about the lack of I have read some other reviews who complain about the lack of power, this is a practice amp.

A regular USB 1.

Learn about their experiences and gain some insight into what you need to know to upgrade from an air-cooled to a water-cooled GTAW system. David Anthony, who builds custom choppers from sheet metal, learned GTAW to gain more control of the entire design process. In using GTAW, he found that upgrading to a water cooling system was necessary.

What does a retired year-old in New Mexico have in common with a young custom chopper designer in San Diego? Not much, except when it comes to gas tungsten arc welding GTAW. George Bright retired “from a lot of things” a couple of years ago: Air Force, an upholstery business, and his position as manager of an Albuquerque school district data center. Restoring old Volkswagens led Bright to welding.

After he rebuilt some aluminum seats on his boat and burned his hands a couple of times, he realized it was time to upgrade to a water-cooled GTAW torch.

Chu Moy headphone amplifier

The wires that connect it all together The Motor The motor we talked about previously. The second concern is that it will work with the voltage of the components you choose. The general rule, is that the higher the voltage, the fewer amps need to be pushed through the system to attain the same wattage.

For my a40 amp, 24v secondaries provide about

I started with the Mustang v head and it came with the 4 button switch- I bought the two button switch knowing I would need it- I then bought the mustang III for Read complete review I started with the Mustang v head and it came with the 4 button switch- I bought the two button switch knowing I would need it- I then bought the mustang III for easier transport- If you gig with the mustang and use alot of different sounds- you should have the 2 and 4 button working together- The 4 button has a nice L.

Fender has impressed me with the mustang line and the versatility that the button footswitches gives any guitar player. As a review of the 4 button- I had to talk about the two button also- as it comes with certain mustangs and the 4 button comes with the other amp models- if you are getting the 4 button and you have the two button already- do yourself a favor and USE them both!

I find the instructions on how to best use it very lacking. What would be very helpful would be a video on their website showing how to Read complete review This is a handy and functional footswitch. What would be very helpful would be a video on their website showing how to program the unit to get the most out of it. To date Fender support has not provided this on their web site. It is confusing trying to figure out just what this footswitch is capable of doing and how to set it up to do it.

With some changes in the functionality of the Fuse software that comes with the Mustang amps, this could be a GREAT footswitch, however, Fender has not done a good job explaining how to maximize the use of the Fuse software or the footswitch.


In reality, a lot of these variables are mutually exclusive: If you want maximum power output, be prepared to pay more for the drivers and sacrifice some frequency response. Keep these things in mind as you read over the next sections. A Note on Speaker Selection Don’t skimp too much on the speakers: However you can have all of the above qualities without spending a fortune.

Figure 1 Building your own water cooler requires a pump, motor, radiator, and fan.

I spend a lot of time wearing headphones. A computer is my principal source of musical entertainment, and my Sennheiser HD s are my preferred output transducers. It’s been a while since my main computer was even connected to a speaker system. Headphones need about a thousandth as much power as loudspeakers to achieve similar sound pressure levels at the eardrums.

This generally means a few milliwatts per side, at most, for normal listening. A few tens of milliwatts, for loud music or if you’re using unusually inefficient ‘phones – as with loudspeakers, manufacturers of high-end headphones may sacrifice efficiency for higher fidelity. You wouldn’t think even cheap music hardware would have much trouble delivering this little power. But, actually, even quite expensive home stereo gear frequently doesn’t drive headphones very well, especially at high volume.

And if you’re pumping your tunes out of a mobile multi-faceted transformative device at sufficient volume to cut through the sound of the bus, surf or very upset policeman tied to a chair , you’re likely to be asking for rather more power, from an amp of rather lower capability. Because market research has determined that most consumers are cloth-eared gits non-critical listeners, manufacturers of audio hardware in general and portable players in particular often don’t care much whether their products drive headphones very well.

How to select speakers

Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a direct high voltage Volt plug-in heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 17, animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material! Only use Low Voltage heaters like ours that run on battery power or operate from a low voltage power transformer like a battery charger!! Heat your water safely this winter! Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a high voltage Volt heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 17, animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material!

Add Tip Step 7:

Our 50 watt light bulb is drawing. In the above watts, volts, amps calculations, these simplified formulas are for DC voltage. In an AC circuit, things are more complicated. An electrical load in an AC circuit will typically use both real power – P – and reactive power – Q – definitions below. Since power factor varies all over the place, We include additional more technical explanation of power factor, real power, apparent power, complex power, and reactive power just below.

Various sources offer further definitions of real power P, reactive power Q, complex power S, and apparent power S. This is the ability of an electrical circuit to perform work.

Setting up two amps in car/truck

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