Careers for Highly Sensitive People

So for most of my life I considered myself a fairly thick-skinned, typical guy. Stability, strength and steadfastness were more like it. All good traits, but often it seemed like an either or equation rather than a both and. So I followed in the footsteps of the male role models I had; mostly stoic, emotionally unavailable, intellectually focused men. That worked for a while but at some point during the past 18 or so years that I have been actively and sometimes intensively engaged in personal growth, I have discovered that behind the walls and under the layers of distance and detachment lives a highly sensitive person. This awakening sensitivity has, sometimes, felt more like a burden than a blessing. But ultimately, and only quite recently, I have come to accept my sensitivity as a gift and a powerful ally on my journey of personal evolution. When I began this journey, the term Highly Sensitive Person was not widely known if at all. But as more has been written about Highly Sensitive People and the concept has gained wider though certainly not universal acceptance I have come to recognize and accept myself as a Highly Sensitive Person. This innate sensitivity has been well researched and the term Highly Sensitive Person was coined in by Elaine N.

Personality and Relationships

But to feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the characteristic of a truly alive and compassionate human being. There is zero shame in expressing your authentic feelings. Never be ashamed to let your feelings, smiles and tears shine a light in this world.

It is really hard.

Genes and a cure for HSP — what is the connection? Why find genes in the 1st place? How does it help toward our goal of finding a cure for HSP? Proteins do the work in cells including nerve cells that needs to be done to keep cells alive and to enable them to do their assigned jobs in our bodies. Mutated genes make defective proteins.

Discovering genes is discovering proteins. HSP is caused by defective proteins.

Sensitive? You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Etiology HSP causes degeneration of the ends of the corticospinal tracts within the spinal cord. The ends of the longest fibers, which supply the lower extremities, are affected to a much greater extent than are the fibers to the upper body. Although some degeneration of the fibers supplying the arms commonly takes place, most people with HSP do not have symptoms in the hands or arms.

Impaired cellular membrane trafficking, more particularly, axonal transport of macromolecules and organelles, is the best-characterized genetic mechanism of HSP. Several proteins, such as spastin SPG4 and atlastin-1 SPG3A , which shape membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum or endosomes, are known as such candidates.

No permanent deformity results, even with the most severe arthritis.

Empathy, the Dark side Problems in Relationships Most Empaths, find themselves at the center of almost any group. They are leaders, teachers, they make good speakers, and can do all these things and more, with considerable talent. However, there is a Dark side to empathy, that one must be aware of, especially in relationships.

Some things to consider for any relationship, but doubly so, if one or both of you, are Empaths. Be prepared to be considered moody, and “emotional” by most partners. Because, quite frankly, we often are. But realize, that many of the “moods” we find ourselves in, are very often, not our own. Even for those feelings that are our own, be aware that we tend to feel them much more intently than your average person. So, expect more of a response, positive or negative, from almost any Empath.

What we hear Vs what we feel: This is a tight wire we all walk.

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Henoch-Schonlein purpura HSP Henoch-Schonlein purpura HSP Henoch-Schonlein purpura is a disease which causes irritation and swelling of the small blood vessels in the skin resulting in a rash purple spots or purpura. The illness usually affects children from 2 to 10 years of age. You must follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. HSP is also known as anaphylactoid purpura or vascular purpura.

I was a little put off by that.

Our minds are flooded with horrifying thoughts of corny pick-up lines , forced giggling and mindless banter. We tense up at the idea of getting all touchy feely with someone we barely know. We wonder if flirting is really necessary. BUT not the kind of flirting you might have in mind. The October-December issue of the Journal of Communication Quarterly identified five different types of flirting. Physical These men and women tend to use their bodies to make connections. People who scored high on this type often develop relationships quickly, have more sexual chemistry and have a greater emotional connection to their partners.

The relationships tend to focus more on sexual interest.

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Email Shares 2K It all added up. Sensitivity to loud sounds, harsh light, emotional climates and over-stimulating situations? You have really thin skin you know! So are you a highly sensitive person?

The Premier of the movie was held last October at the beautiful Legion of Honor where part of the movie was actually filmed.

Thank you for writing this. Almost everything you described here could have been written by me. I am completely amazed. I totally typed amazing at first, haha. Maybe I need to see if I am genetically sensitive to anything as well. Because even when I eat well, it just does not seem to help that part of me. Thanks so much for this.

Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP)

Inside the Mind of a Highly Sensitive Person We cannot know who we are until we navigate the roads within us. This is a story of dark and light, truth and fantasy from the perspective of an introverted, right-brain dominant, highly sensitive person. Any resemblance to my actual life, friends, family and acquaintances is purely coincidental.

After all, it’s one of our main achilles heels. Inside we’re already at the finish line, riding through on our white horse or throwing down the rope from the tower’s window.

Hsp dating another hsp There is the cultural expectation that women are more emotional and sensitive than men—that men should be tough and stoic.

January 13, Reviewed by: This apparently followed a viral infection. She is under the care of a physician and this was diagnosed by a biopsy. Would you be able to shed some light on this subject or steer me in the right direction as far as resources? What is the cause of this; implications — long term? No one knows what causes it. We do know that it often follows a viral respiratory infection.

It seems to be some kind of allergic reaction to the virus. It has also been seen following Strep throat , prescription medicines, bee stings , chemical toxins, cold exposure, and food allergies.

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