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Laminate, cut out and take the cards to class. This game is ideal for small groups of five or six. More than this is chaos. If you have a large class, split them up into small teams, but that means you have to create more sets of cards. Deal out one card each to students who sit around a table. The reason they sit round the table is to try to avoid others looking at the others’ cards.

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Shank and Lynda R. Terrill Arlington Virginia Education and Employment Program May In multilevel adult English as a second language ESL classes, teachers are challenged to use a variety of materials, activities, and techniques to engage the interest of the learners and assist them in their educational goals. This digest recommends ways to choose and organize content for multilevel classes; it explains grouping strategies; it discusses a self-access component, independent work for individual learners; and it offers suggestions for managing the classes.

The Multilevel Class Teachers use the term multilevel to identify any group of learners who differ from one another in one or more significant ways. Arguably, every class is multilevel because learners begin with varying degrees of competence and then progress at different rates in each of the language skills: However, in many adult ESL classes, there are even more variables that affect the levels within the class.

The following article reports the findings of a qualitative evaluation of an online extensive reading program in German as a foreign language.

Where are you from? What do you do in your “free” time besides creating Web pages? Take a look at my welcome page for this answer to the first part of the question. As for “free” time, I actually have hobbies beyond creating Web sites. Doing anything with family brings the most satisfaction in life: I also enjoy hiking and trail running which are things I can do in Utah far away from technology and the noise of the city. I’m a pretty slow runner, but the scenic views are what I enjoy.

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Choose a target theme from the Curriculum , then a game to practise the English. Before you play these games you will need to make sure the kids have a basic grip on the target English. The kids have to have fun, but they also have to be progressing with their English skills.

Individually or in groups, form a list of as many of the objects, people or actions in the scene as can be remembered.

Fun exercises to improve your English. Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and much more. I think the exam will be very difficult and you are not studying at all. Get down off that table. It doesn’t look very stable at all. The lion is chasing the deer and the deer has an injured leg. It is raining very hard and Liam is walking in the street without an umbrella. Liam is going to get very wet it is going to rain Liam is going to forget his umbrella 5.

The wind is blowing very hard and one of the big trees in the garden is making strange creaking noises. The room is full of dust and John is holding his nose and making a strange expression with his face. John is going to clean the room John is going to sneeze 7. The Chicago Bulls are winning the basketball match against the Los Angeles Lakers by 98 points to There are only 90 seconds left.

It is raining and the sky is very dark.

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Archery, Basketball, Cricket, Diving, Equestrian, etc. If a team or individual is unable to answer or gives a incorrect reply, then that letter remains in that point range until someone answers correctly. If a stalemate situation ever occurs – give correct answers and encourage the students to repeat them a few times, so as they will remember them. This game is lots of fun, and my students always want to play.

Avoid being in situations in which there will be pressure to make harmful decisions.

More Idioms Game Making vocabulary practice exciting is important for fourth graders to reinforce their regular vocabulary lessons. Thanks to both their teachers and parents, budding writers can practice and perfect their fourth grade writing skills year round. Vocabulary acquisition plays a crucial role in developing writing skills and therefore should be encouraged not only at school but also at home.

Parents can be more effective in helping their children meet literacy goals by having their children practice their fourth grade vocabulary skills through fun online vocabulary games that help students build vocabulary strategies within the context of reading comprehension exercises. Parents and teachers can integrate math vocabulary into their fourth grade math lesson plans. They can also build skills with fourth grade science vocabulary games, fourth grade literature games and other fourth grade vocabulary word lists, reinforcing the concepts of syllables, compound words, contractions, parts of speech, spelling and word meanings as well as continuing a pattern of vocabulary building by learning about antonyms, synonyms and homonyms, root words, suffixes, prefixes, homophones and word meaning.

Finally, you can use or create printable worksheets to help your fourth grade student excel.

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Often, in our rush to provide excitement within the four walls of our classrooms, we neglect to take full advantage of the walls and bulletin boards waiting for us just outside our doors. Every school usually has at least one bulletin board, but making the most out of an empty board goes far beyond posting a few pictures and English slogans up from time to time. Rather, teachers should create bulletin boards that are not only attractive, but invite students to interact and actively participate in some sort of hands-on activity or game.

In other words, the average bulletin board can actually become a “student activity center” where students can learn too. Some of the more interesting boards have to do with some aspect of foreign culture including holidays, sports, and music. During the Christmas season, for instance, I decorate the board with scenes of trees and snow and provide a large space for students to leave a Christmas message for others in the program.

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Mental and Emotional Health Lesson: Empowered Decision-Making National Standard: By the end of the lesson, students should know how to make responsible decisions and use resistance skills, as evaluated by a worksheet done in class. By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to demonstrate behaviors related to the Empowered Decision-Making lesson by completing various activities in class, as determined by the teacher based on student responses.

Materials or Equipment B. Decision-Making Situations Overhead D. There are no students in the class with specials needs. I will be teaching your health class today on decision-making. Your instant activity is on the overhead and the worksheet to complete the activity is already on your desk. Please read the instructions carefully and get started on your activity while I take attendance. We will be discussing the worksheet along with the lesson shortly.

Number Matching Caterpillar Activity

An exploration of participative motivations in a community-based online English extensive reading contest with respect to gender difference. Interactive Learning Environments, 25 1 , A total of valid questionnaires females and males from Taiwanese high school students and 15 interviewees from the students receiving awards were the subjects in this study. The findings show that females had a stronger participative intrinsic motivation, while males displayed a higher participative interpersonal motivation.

Although I teach English full time at a university, I work on all of my Web sites outside of this teaching position so there is no conflict of interest.

Often it is simply hilarious to see the range of answers students feel free to share in a comfortable environment. How would they prepare it? Who do you think in the class would win top chef? What objects best represent who we are as people, our accomplishments, our joys and sorrows? What would your students include? A good group activity where everyone has to make a suggestion and then explain their reasons why they feel it is important. If they found a time capsule from , what do they think would be in it?

Change the year to see how the contents of the time capsule change. Does it seem to match what is happening in their life?

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How Do You Do? Our Class is “Moo-velous”! Enlarge a clip art cow or coloring page to almost the size of your bulletin board onto white paper. Add black spots to the cow.

By slowing down the next player, they can finish first and win.

Children can use toy cars to trace around the letters to help learn the formation. Differentiated instruction for Second Language Learners, students of varying reading skill, and for younger learners Begin with a very simple, plain alphabet font like Zaner Bloser. As children become more familiar with letter shapes, progress to different fonts that may present letters slightly differently.

Decide how many letters a child or group should work with at one time. Very emergent learners should begin with fewer letters; other students can manage working with more letters at one time. Serve alphabet soup or use Alpha-bits cereal as an extra reinforcement of letters. See the research that supports this strategy Adams, M. Thinking and learning about print. Preventing reading difficulties in young children.

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